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Water softening process is performed with the ion exchange method. Ion exchange, which causes hardening of water containing calcium and magnesium ions in the sodium form by passing a cationic resin is carried out. Sodium-based cationic resin in the hard water passes through the hardness ions (Ca +2 and Mg +2); connected to the resin is replaced by Na + ions.

Tandem Softening System, consists of two softening units. System according to the volumetric water content may be controlled. TANDEM system with each regeneration as a softening device enters the circuit and saturation of process unit and comes ready for handover process waits. In this way, without the need for human intervention and without stopping the process for the regeneration process, the 24-hour continuous soft water is produced.

A certain quantity of hard water after passing through the resin bed, resin pellets completely hardening minerals are coated with. In this case the ends of hardness minerals. Hardness ions, resin particles in order to hold back water hardness minerals sodium particles and free of the need to be connected again. This processing 'regeneration' is called. The process of regeneration, backwash, brine absorption, slow rinse, fast rinse and brine refill consists of 5 main steps including. Completion of step 5 of the resin, calcium (Ca2 +) and magnesium (Mg2 +) ions while releasing sodium (Na +) ions back to itself and is ready to the service position.

Softening tandem unit design to be placed into the resin tank while the amount of raw water to the character of the resin, per day is calculated based on water consumption and peak flow. Also the regeneration process, time-controlled, flow-controlled or hardness analyzer measuring the output depending on the water hardness may be provided as automated.

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