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Ozone is the important way to prevent diseases like fungus seen in fish providing clarity and cleaning of aquarium water.Ozone application can reduce the total organic carbon (Total Organic Carbon, TOC) in water until 15% rate,reduces the blurred water with nitrite level in water snd removes by providing oxidation of solid matters.Ozone is a highly reliable gas increasing the quality of water in breeding fish,providing rapid growth and development ,decreasing the mortality rate,removing dangerous organic materials for fish and providing the disinfection of water and being rich in oxygen.

Fish feces as a source of ammonia plays an important role in water. 1mg / l Ammonia in concentrations in water is lethal dosed toxic for fish and there are negative effects like slowing the growth and damaging gills even such low concentration like 0,02 mg/l.It is required to be ammonia,ammonium,nitrite and nitrate values by order until 0,02 mg/lt, 1,0 mg/lt, 0,2 mg/lt and 10mg/lt. Nitrogen cycle in water is in the form of ammonium (NH4 +) ® ammonia (NH3 +) ® nitrite (NO2-) ® nitrate (NO3-) .Although ,nitrite is toxic for fish,nitrate is unpoisonus. Ozone gas oxidizes nitrite to nitrate.Thereby assuming the duty of nitrobacterias ,it decrease the concentration of nitrite in water which is toxic for fish.

  • Ornamental pools
  • In aquarium


Ozone Output 300 mg/h
Ozone Production Method Corona Disharge
Operating Voltage 12 Volt DC
Cooling Hava
Energy Consumption 5 Walt


  • Increase the clarity of water.
  • Increase light penetration
  • Reduces jaundice in water.
  • Reduces Algae.
  • Reduces cyanobacteria
  • Reduces nitrates in the water.
  • Reduces pathogenic bacteria.
  • Reduces toxins in the water.
  • Cleans water.
  • Improves water quality.
  • Provides rapid growth and development
  • Lowers the mortality rate
  • Removes nitrite and organic carbon harmful for fish.
  • Provides the disinfection of water and ensures being rich in oxgyen
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