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Ozone disinfectors having the feature of giving ozone to air and water,ensures removing by tearing the cell membrane of dangerous microorganism to human health like Salmonella,Fungus,Coliform, Germs, Viruses, Bacteria, Sports, Cysts over the things we use and our food,in water and air.The difference from other cleaning and disinfection chemicals is being the ozone completely natural,and do not leave any waste materials.It turns into oxgyen completing its task shortly after being given to air and water.

Being given ozone into the water;being washed vegetables,fruit,meat and fish with ozone water;it provides removing all of the dangerous factors for human health like microbe,pesticides and chemicals etc.on food.

Ozonated water provides elliminating the odor of foot and fungs and cleeaning the wounds.You can sterilize the materials which needs hygiene like glass and bottles with ozone water.

Removing the unwanted bad odors,the smell of food(onion,fish,etc),smoke odor and killing the germs in environment is provided by ozone given to air.You can use this product,everywhere in your house like bathroom,toilet,kitchen and pantry room.

  • Hotel and conference rooms
  • Removing odor in houses and cleaning the air
  • Using in restaurant,cafeteria
  • Business place and your office
  • Doctor's office
  • Health Centers
  • Greenhouses and poultry farms
  • Cold air tanks
  • Yacht and bilge tanks
  • You can use safely anwhere until auto coiffeur (to remove the smell of non-submerged)rooms


Ozone Output 500 mg/hr
Ozone Production Method Corona Disharge
Operating Voltage 220 Volt/ 50 Hz
Cooling Hava
Energy Consumption 10 Walt
Control Units Dijital 0-30 dakika
Case ABS
  • Silicone Hose and Diffuser
  • Auto shutdown
  • Ability to provide ozone for water and airi
  • Skin diseases
  • Diseases caused by viruses,
  • Circulatory disorders,
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin diseases like fungal resistent to psoriasis,acne etc.
  • Neurological disorders such as migraine and multiple sclerosis
  • Infected wounds difficult in healed
  • Removing the legionnaires disease which is resulted with death
  • Disinfection of bacteria and viruses
  • Nitric acid in ammonia removal,
  • Removal of the diseases spread by air
  • Disinfection of bottles and food containers in food industry
  • Disinfection of drinking water
  • ozon provids eliminating the bacterias like e coli and pesticides on vegetables and fruits.It prevents the formation of bacteria in products like meat and fish.It increase the resistance.
  • Provides body care,oral care,hand and face hygiene.


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