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Ozone can be applied successfully in purification of chemicals and bacteriological disinfection ofwaters used in the process of food(washing water of food and vegetables,using water etc.)indirectly or contacting directly with food in ozonated wash food industry.In vegetable and fruit processing plants,the quality of product reduces by being contaminated unwanted micro-organisms from soil to fruit and vegetables like spinach, lettuce, leeks, cherry, strawberry.

Ozone gas produced by ozone generators provides washing, cooling and transportation of water application, water and the disinfection of fruit and vegetables at the same time.It is possible to remove the smell forming from food in the kitchen.In this way,the formation of the bad smell occurs with mixture of foods can be prevented and healty sterile environment can be created.

Ozone can disinfect the atmosphere where there is food,food processing water and food with appling ozone without any chemicals.It prevents the unwanted formation like spore, bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds formed on product which causes the deterioration of the product in washing water.Ozone when it is gas assumes the protective duty on some food and product.It can also sanite the food packaging materials and environments.It is effective for continueing basic metabolism. Ozone does not leave residues on the product, reduces the need to use preservatives in the product,it has significantly important effect for maintaining the quality.In this topic being the foods fresh and quality but the most important topic is hygiene conditions in preparing because it is the las stage and at that time the results can be very bad.

  • Immediately destroys pathogens that may come from water.
  • Kills the fung ,virus and bacteria.
  • Removes unwanted odors.
  • Removes microps.
  • Retains the freshness of air.
  • Creates rich in oxygen and prevents the eyes humidifier fewer.


Ozone Output 500 mg/h
Ozone Amount in Water 0.6 mg/L
Top Power 38 W
Operating Voltage AC 220V
Temperature Range < % 95
Water Inlet Temperature 3-45
  • The kitchens of hotels,houses
  • In disinfection of media atmosphere of air storage with the aim of lenghtening the shelf life of cooked and half-cooked foods,unprocessed fruits and vegetables.
  • In ethylene of oxidation with the aim of delaying decomposing in the media where the fruits are stored.
  • Prevents mixing the smells of foods in the storage of food factories to each other.
  • Prevents the bacterias sources from ventilation or being moved from air smudging the foods .
  • In sanitation of equipment used in food processing.
  • In sterilization and being washed food products(meat,fish,vegetables and fruits)


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