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Using with air permeability,the absorptive capacity of crystal particle with bit and the absorptive capacity of strong crystal active carbon.It removes effectively the materials emmiting the most odor,small modicums,harmful gases,formaldehyde,benzene,amine gas etc.Hospital leveled HEPA filter technology is the top level of purification class,the most common used,the most mature hospital leveled HEPA filter using the international air purification technology.It can filter the 99.97% organic molecules and particles smaller than 0.3 micromers sizes.

Device keeps the dusts in media with pall filters and carbon in the range of 0.5 micron.Ozone generator is optionally working external. All of these checks can be done by remote control.It is possible to program the working of the device. You can use this product,everywhere in your house like bathroom,toilet,kitchen and pantry room.It is used very long time with confident because of being produced the all of the device from ABS materials.

  • Hotel rooms
  • WC,bathroom Sterilization
  • Office and study rooms
  • Doctor's office
  • Laundry room
  • Intensive care units
  • Cafes& R&D applications
  • Hospitals
  • Food stores
  • Restaurant
  • Cafe


Ozone Output 500 mg/h
Operating Voltage DC 12V
Front filter 220*50*10 mm Activated Carbon
Hepa Filter 220*50*10 mm
Power < 8 watt
Cooling Air
Controller Digital, LED indicator (blue, white) remote control
Air Output 45m3/h , 25 m3/h
Negative Ions 5*10 adet/cm3
Noise level <45 db


The environments where we are living has many micro-organism.These organisms are harmful for our health.It causes numerous disease and affects our immune system negatively by multipling in suitable media for microorganism.Today,pollution has highly increased because of human factor and natural ozone cycle gas become not being enough for this pollution.therefore epidemics have increased.That'swhy disinfection is important.People should prevent the disease spreading and being an epidemic and prevent giving the micro-organism harm to yourself by disinfecting the air breathed,dink and foods to be healthy.Ozone gas provides you to pass your life peaceful and more safely by increasing the environment quality of numerous life area,hospital,hotel,cinema,school, working place and house .Because of the aspects of ozone gas,it is the healthiest and most economical solution to make living areas more livable areas,so it can be used for environment disinfection.Ozone kills bacterias,filter dust and removes odor.

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