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The Separator filter systems separates different specific gravity of solid matter (sand)  and particles than water  by centrifugal force acts. Water inlet chamber tangentially to the centrifugal force that occurs due to entering water heavier particles are thrown towards the walls of the device and are in a spiral motion towards the collection region. The particles collected in the lower chamber of the filter periodically or continuously is discharged manually or automatically. The water separated from the particles, by means of the vortex separator through the central switch to the output line pulled upward.

  • Separator Filters has the ability to operate continuously for 24 hours. 
  • Filter amount of all particles down to 70 micron. 
  • Can operate at high capacity range.
  • Is capable of automatically self-cleaning.
  • During cleaning water does not need to be cut.
  • Do not need spare parts, there is no moving parts inside. 
  • Maintaining only the solids collected is simply to clean the chamber.
  • Pressure loss is constant, no change in flow rate even at high capacity. 
  • There is no risk of clogging due to filter element is absent.
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